How Jim Has Stood Up For Property Owners

Jim Frishe has a proven record of defending your rights. He’s voted for more homestead exemptions, against higher property insurance rates – and even sponsored legislation to take power away from property appraisers and give it to homeowners!

As our State Representative, Jim was always looking out for us. Some examples of his dedication are:

  • Voting to cut his own salary! [SB 2602, 2009]
  • Voting to cap property tax increases [HJR 7089, 2007]
  • Voting against higher property insurance rates for Florida families [Amendment 168357, 2009];[CS/HB 1A, 2007]
  • Voting to increase tax credits and exemptions [HB 7087, 2012];[SJR 4B, 2007]
  • Sponsoring legislation to save taxpayers $39.6 million in property assessments [CS/HB 133, 2012]
  • Sponsoring legislation to help taxpayers challenge property appraisers if they feel their property was valued incorrectly [HB 33, 2008]
  • Co-sponsoring legislation to hold property appraisers more accountable [CS/CS/HB 127, 2008];[CS/CS/HB 261, 2007]


Details on Sponsored Bills

CS/HB 133 2012 Assessment of Residential and Nonhomestead Real Property

Upgrades like adding renewable energy sources and making your home wind resistant will not be assessed for tax purposes. If passed, estimated to save taxpayers 39.6 million dollars in FY 2015-16.

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CS/HB 869 2012 Pinellas Planning Council, Pinellas County Merger

Consolidated two Pinellas County councils (the PPC and PCMPO) that have similar missions. The PPC is local and did land use planning for the county while the PCMPO is federally mandated and deals with transportation planning. The consolidating is expected to save $250,000 to $400,000 a year due to the elimination of operating expenses.

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HB 33 2008 Presumption of Correctness for Ad Valorem Tax Assessment

Makes it easier for taxpayers to challenge property appraisers if they feel that their property was valued incorrectly. Does this by adding the stipulation that the evaluation must be based on the “income approach to value.”

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