A Lifetime Of Service And Accomplishments

Jim Frishe is an experienced businessman, a devoted community volunteer, and a lifelong servant. Jim’s parents instilled a deep commitment to public service in him from an early age, and he has kept that commitment in everything he’s accomplished. Jim spent 30 years in business, and served our community as our State Representative from 1984 to 1990 and from 2006 to 2012. His service earned him the honor of the prestigious Republican Leader’s Award.

Jim wants to serve as Pinellas Property Appraiser so he can ensure our needs come first. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Jim learned the ins and outs of the property business. As our State Representative, Jim pushed legislation to hold property appraisers accountable and help taxpayers. And as a concerned Pinellas citizen, Jim gained certified knowledge of the appraisal process so he could continue the position’s tradition of high-quality service to the people of Pinellas County.

About Jim

  • Political science major and former Florida State Representative who understands how government operates and how to run it efficiently
  • Certified technical knowledge of the property appraisal process
  • Worked as a Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Served as Majority Whip of the Florida House from 2010-2012
  • Appointed by President Ronald Reagan as White House Delegate to the 1988 NATO Conference
  • Served as a Past Board Member for Friends of the Deaf Service Center and Pinellas Emergency Mental Health Services
  • Volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Pinellas Park Food Bank